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Our Responsibility Strategy

At Regeneron, we use our unique knowledge and expertise for the benefit of society, the economy and the environment. By addressing issues that matter most to our business and society, we can build resiliency and improve our world. The focus of our responsibility remains: Doing Well by Doing Good.

Our 2025 global goals span three strategic focus areas

In 2020, we announced our next generation of responsibility goals which span across our three strategic focus areas. We engaged internal and external stakeholders and used leading corporate responsibility frameworks, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to help guide the development of these 12 goals. Read more about how we contribute to advancing the SDGs.

Improve the lives of people with serious diseases
  • Use the power of science to discover and advance important new medicines while continuing to make substantial investments into R&D.
  • Identify genetic insights that will support the discovery and advancement to tomorrow’s medicines through our Regeneron Genetics Center?.
  • Set fair, value-based prices for our medicines and break down barriers to patients access.
  • Support organizations that offer disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment for people touched by serious diseases.
Foster a culture of integrity and excellence
  • Cultivate a leading employee experience that is rooted in our unique science-driven culture.
  • Increase representation of qualified diverse individuals in leadership and foster inclusion across our organization.
  • Be vigilant in ensuring integrity remains at the core of how we operate.
  • Implement continuous improvements to uphold our high-quality, safe and reliable product supply.
  • Make Regeneron the safest part of people’s day by focusing on prevention in our drive towards zero incidents.
sustainable communities
  • Achieve our environmental targets to help protect and restore the planet. See targets in detail
  • Foster the next generation of scientific innovators by providing STEM experiences to 2.5 million students.
  • Drive employee volunteer levels above national standards.

Download our
global goals

Materiality Assessment

In 2018, we conducted a materiality assessment to prioritize economic, environmental and social topics based on their significance to our stakeholders and our business. The outcomes of this assessment help inform our responsibility strategy and reporting.

Download our materiality assessment

Download the Regeneron Responsibility Report

Responsibility Report

We assess our strategy regularly to ensure that we continue to prioritize what matters most to our stakeholders and our business.

Download the latest report

Our Rapid Response to Infectious Diseases

We work tirelessly to address public health emergencies by generating and identifying potential treatments for infectious diseases with our suite of proprietary technologies.

Learn more about our efforts

Operational oversight and stakeholder engagement

The Board of Director’s Corporate Governance and Compliance Committee has formal oversight of our responsibility efforts and meets annually to review our responsibility strategy and initiatives. We also have a Responsibility Committee comprised of cross-functional business leaders which has accountability for relevant responsibility goals and metrics. Our SVP of Corporate Communications & Citizenship oversees our responsibility efforts and reports directly to our President & CEO.

To help inform our responsibility strategy and reporting, we proactively engage Regeneron stakeholders, including investors, colleagues, standards-setting organizations, patient advocacy groups, science students and teachers, our communities and others. For more information, contact us.

Regeneron's Corporate Governance and Compliance Committee Regeneron's Corporate Governance and Compliance Committee

Responsibility Recognitions

  • Newsweek, America’s Most Responsible Companies, 2020
  • Forbes and Just Capital, Just 100, 2020
  • RobecoSAM and S&P Dow Jones Indices: DowJones Sustainability World Index, 2019
  • Civic 50: Most Community-Minded Companies in the Nation, 2019
  • Shingo Institute: The Shingo Prize, 2019
Learn more about us
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